Sink of Float

Will a pumpkin sink or float? What about a carrot? A potato?

First let’s look at our experiment chart. On the left are the vegetables, in the middle column is where we guess (hypothesis) and the column on the right is the result. 

Let’s start with a potato. Who wants to feel if it’s light or heavy?

Its heavy!

Now, everyone pick up your pencil and take a guess if the potato will sink or float.

Ok, who wants to put the potato in the water?…..Me please!

Look, the potato sunk to the bottom. 

Can I put the carrot in the water? Sure, but first let’s guess if it will sink or float. 

It sunk! I thought it would float. 

Next the cucumber floated!

It floated. 

Now, let’s try the big heavy pumpkin. Everyone guessed it would sink. 

I can’t believe it’s floating, it’s too heavy to float!

We also tried an onion.

It floated. 

Next was a Renkon, It sunk!

Last was the Okra, It floated! 

Today we learned that vegetables that grow under the ground sink and the vegetables that grow above the ground float! 

It was so much fun!