Happy Valentine’s Day PAP!

Happy Valentine’s day PAP !

Today we celebrated valentine’s day together by making a fun card for our loved ones.

We spoke about who we loved and the kids came up with answers like ‘mummy and daddy’ and ‘grandma and grandpa!’

We then started to create our valentine’s day card.

We began by sticking folded hearts together end to end creating a pop up effect.

‘It looks like a butterfly !’
‘I want to give it to my mummy!’

We then stuck our collection of hearts in the middle of the inside our valentine’s day card.

The kids then got to stick many different types of heart stickers on the front of their card which had a jar on it.

Creating a jar full of love !

‘I want the shiny hearts!’
‘I want the pink hearts!’

We then colored the inside of the card and filled it with drawings of our loved ones.

The kids had a lot of fun making and decorating their valentines day cards.