Lucky Numbers!

Today for Social Studies, we learned about numbers. We all have our own lucky numbers, but a lot of us don’t know why these numbers are lucky. Many countries around the world have their own lucky, and unlucky numbers.We talked about these numbers in countries like France, Japan, the UK, Norway, Italy, Spain, China, etc…

For example, did you know that the number 3 is lucky in China, Sweden, Italy, and the USA? It’s because the number 3 represents the 3 sides of a triangle, and a triangle is a symbol of strength, and balance. But… the number 3 is unlucky in Vietnam because there is a superstition that says if a photo is taken with 3 people, the middle person will die. Oh my!

Today we did an activity to find our own lucky numbers! It is a mathematical process where we write out our birthdate, and add up the digits.

After we found our lucky number, we cross referenced it to a personality chart that told us what kind of a person we are.

”I’m active and outgoing!”

”I have a great imagination!”

”I like giving things to people!”

It was really interesting. We are all lucky now, and we’ll never forget our lucky number!