Mud Park Adventure!

Today we went on a super fun mud park adventure! We boarded the school bus and rode to the park, singing songs and playing games along the way.

When we arrived, we were greeted by a giant mud pit, just begging for us to play in it.

Some of the students were a little hesitant to play in the mud. They preferred playing with pots and pans sifting dirt.

Other students had fun with whatever they could find.

There were a lot of different insects.

Look I got a butterfly!

We caught a dragonfly!

Its a praying mantis!

Some students just wanted to make chocolate sauce and get dirty.

I also got dirty and had fun!

Time for lunch!

We had a lovely picnic under the shade of a Kiwi vine.

The bus ride back to school was just as much fun as the ride there. We were all tired, but we couldn’t stop talking about our amazing mud park adventure. It was the best day ever!