Easter Fun

We had a massive Easter celebration at PAP Ogikubo!

To prepare for the celebration the students made an Easter egg pinata.

We started with a big red balloon.

We then got to work getting our hands nice and dirty.

It was finally ready!

Now to put some final touches to make it perfect!

The Easter Egg pinata is ready.

Now, let’s break it open!

I want to try too!

He hit it so hard, but it still didn’t break open.

After all the students had taken many attempts at breaking open the pinata, it was time for the teachers to have a go.

It’s starting to break.

Yay, we did it!

Quick, let’s get the candy!

There are so many!

It was now time to go on an Easter Egg hunt.

Look how many I found!

Happy Easter to you all.