Happy Australia Day !

Happy Australia Day Everyone !

Today the kids had a chance to learn about Australia and what Australians usually get up to today.

We watched a slide show by teacher Terry who is from Australia, and the kids got to see pictures of Australian families, typical family bbqs, and we also looked at many cool creepy crawlies and animals.

We watched videos about the many different kinds of spiders found in Australia and also watched some funny videos of strong Kangaroos fighting each other !

All the kids were laughing and also screaming at the different kinds of animals.

Especially during the video about the common incidents of snakes coming up through the toilet.

‘The spiders are so big !’

‘I can’t believe the snakes can swim up the toilet.’

To get the full Australia day experience the kids then tried some Vegemite on toast !

Each of the kids had a chance to smell and inspect the jar of vegemite.

‘I like the smell !’

We made some toast and topped it with butter and Vegemite and almost all the kids were brave enough to try it.

‘It’s so yummy I want more!’

After that we ended our day of fun with trying our hand at Aborigonal Art.

We showed the kids examples of the wonderfully colorful pointillism style of the indigenous artwork and they got to choose common Australian animals to decorate.

‘I want to do a turtle.’

‘I want to do a kangaroo.’

Everyone did a great job and we learnt so much about Australia and Australia day !