Hats From Around The World!

We have our annual “Hat Week” event coming soon, so today we learned about hats from around the world. We talked about the kinds of hats that we have at home, and our favorite ones to wear. The kids said things like: “I like my red hat in winter!”and “I like my baseball cap in summer!”After that, we looked at pictures of unusual hats like an“ushanka”, “sombrero”, and a “fez.”We talked about what they look like, and which ones we would like to wear. “A sombrero is too heavy!” “An ushanka is too hot!” “A beret is good for painting!”

Then we talked about who wears these kind of hats. This brought us to a world map that shows us where these hats originated. We learned about countries like Australia, Vietnam, Turkey, France, Russia, and Mexico.

There are a lot of interesting hats around the world!