It’s a New World Record!

Today for Social Studies, we continued learning about numbers. This time, we talked about the Guinness Book of World Records. We learned about the “Largest House of Cards” in the world.

It was made in China, and used 218,792 cards! We also saw the “Biggest Pokémon Goods Collection.”

It consisted of 17,127 items! Later we watched some videos of unbelievable world records. The kids were so amazed. Some of the numbers were too big for the kids to understand, but we practiced saying them anyways.

Watching all these records being broken made the class want to break their own records, so we had an “Eraser Stacking” contest. We tried to stack erasers on top of each other using chopsticks.

The kids did their best to stack them as high as they could.

This teammate said: “This team’s gonna win!”

and this teammate said: “You have to put it flat!”

After that, we tried moving bottle caps into a bowl with our new chopsticks skill.

We’re not sure if any records were broken today, but we sure did have a lot of fun!