Let’s look at K2 Phonics.

Recently the K2 class started a new textbook, Tip Top Phonics 5.

It is a big jump up from the previous book.

Here are the materials we use. Textbook, decodable book, vocabulary cards, key sentences, and sight words.

Everyday the students read their decodable book. They read aloud individually to the class, focussing on natural intonation, pronunciation, and fluency.

This week’s book is called, Gold.

We learned all about gold including: where it comes from, how you can find it, how a Jeweler makes jewelry with it, and about some famous pirates that searched for gold.

By the third day of the week students can read their book independently.

We practice reading and saying the sounds of the target vocabulary.

This weeks phonics sound is the long o.

We then practice reading the key sentences.

This helps the students understand how the vocabulary is used within a sentence.

We also practice reading and making sentences with the sight words.

In our textbook today we did sentence making using the target vocabulary.

The students have beautiful hand writing.

Students are able to think of their own original sentences.

It looks like a lot of work, however the students really enjoy studying! Of course we balance with lots of games and stories to i

I’m very proud of all the students at PAP Ogikubo.

You guys are amazing!