Mochi Pounding

Happy Friday Everyone !

To keep our New Year celebration going we did some mochi pounding with the students.

Each student, wearing a happi, had the chance to hold the large wooden mallet ‘kine’ and use the mortar ‘usu’ to pound rice which transformed into smooth sticky mochi !

All the kids had so much fun pounding the mochi as their friends cheered them on shouting ‘yoi-sho’.

‘I can’t wait to try the mochi.’

‘I want to eat it with red bean’.

Whilst the students were pounding the mochi with the assistance of a teacher another teacher was using water to make sure the mochi didn’t stick to the usu.

The kids were so excited to try the mochi with sweet red bean paste and soy bean powder ‘kinako’.

During snack time all the kids got to try the mochi they had made with different toppings.

It tasted so fresh and sweet. It was such a fun and exciting activist to do together !