Bust A Rhyme!

This month we are learning about words that rhyme. We started with simple 3 letter words from our phonics books, rhymes from Dr. Seuss books, and then worked our way up to a full blown rap song!

We made an original Ogikubo school rap song. There are a lot of words to remember, so we will practice everyday for a month. All the kids from K1, K2 , and K3 worked hard to remember lyrics such as: “We on the Chuo line, where the Lumine be. Let’s pump the phonics song, from the A to the Z!”and “Our rooms are so clean, why don’t you come and see? Pack a lunch and a drink, for you and me!”

We chose a back beat to rap to so that we can keep our rhythm. We even chose a name for our rap group.

We are “The Black Eyed Knees… and toes”We will be debuting in a few weeks. See you then!