Demon Out, Good Luck In !

Today we celebrated Setsubun with the kids and what a sight it was ! We marked the ending of winter by celebrating the bean throwing festival and awaited the visit of Oni. The kids were really excited and a little nervous to ward off the demon with their beans. We spoke about the festival with the children before hand and practiced throwing the beans whilst shouting ‘demon out, good luck in!’

‘I’m so excited to see Oni and throw the beans.’

‘Demon Out, Good luck in!’

We all gathered in one class and each of the kids was given a cup of roasted beans to throw at Oni. Then all of a sudden Oni dressed in all red and a demon mask rushed into the classroom. All of the kids began to throw their beans shouting ‘demon out, good luck it!’ They were all smiling and jumping and cheering their friends on as the pelted Oni with their beans. Everyone had a lot of fun.

Celebrating as a school was so fun and we hope it will bring us even more good fortune in class this year!