Hats At Work

Hat Week has begun, so we talked more about hats today. Our focus was on different types of hats worn at different jobs. We talked about all sorts of occupations, and which ones require hats. For the jobs that require hats, we talked about why the hats are designed the way they are. We talked about firefighters, baseball players, and doctors just to name a few.

“They need helmets to protect their head!”

“The front is long to keep sunshine out!”

“Doctors have to hide the hair!”

After looking at all the different hat designs, we decided to make our own hat as a class. We made a “Student’s Hat.” Everything that a student needs will always be on their head!

We also designed our own baseball team caps. We had some team names like “Fire”, “Dinosaurs “, and “The KOSEIs.”

Hats are an important part of the job!