The History of Hats!

This month we are learning about hats. We are having our annual “Hat Week” event soon, so we studied a little bit about how hats started. Did you know that the ancient Egyptians wore cone shaped hats to stay cool in the hot weather way back in 3200 BC?

Hats made of skin and fur were worn in colder areas of the world since around 400 BC.
By the Middle Ages, hats became a social symbol. Certain people wore certain hats to show their status or social ranking. Taller hats usually meant a higher ranking.

The Hennin hat was worn by high ranking women during the Middle Ages.

From the 1800’s hats were being worn for fashion. A person who designs, and makes hats is called a Millener. We tried our hands at being milliners and came up with our own original hat designs.

”I want an airplane hat”

”I will make an i-pad hat!”

”It’s a pillow hat!”

”I want to make a house hat!”

There are many kinds of hats that we can wear for function, or fashion. What kind of hat do you like to wear?